Caught in the deep

You want to talk deep

Want to see deep
Want to laugh deep…
You’re caught in the deep.

You want them to see
Want to make it real
Want to make darkness still…
You’re caught in the deep.

You want to hear the trees
Want to watch the seas
Want every injury to heal…
You’re caught in the deep.

You want to reach the thick
Never to see a sick
They tell you it ain’t real…
You’re caught in the deep.

You want to make them see
They think you’re I’ll
That it can never be…
You’re caught in the deep.

You want to make them learn
Want them to see Him
But you’re struggling to reach…
You’re caught in the deep.

You want to fall on your knees
Want to make it all real
Till your skin bleeds…
You’re caught in the deep.

Now and then you think
It’s only one of me
How do I make it be?…
Still, you’re caught in the deep.


Lord, I want to walk with thee, arm-in-arm.

Close enough to smell thy fresh fragrance.

Me, in your loving arms please embalm.

That of your unending love I may announce.

I want to lean against thy chest like beloved John did.

And hear loud from time to time your lovely heartbeat.

I want to be true in word and deed.

Till again in heaven we both meet.

I want to reach the world round about.

To tell all of your never-ending love.

I long to live full and free of doubt.

And always look to heaven above.

But against me, my sin doth cry.

My imperfections works against my desires.

Sweet Holy Spirit, in thy arms I lie.

Please assist me through this blazing fire.


Lost boy, wandering soul

Empty heart threatening to explode.

Wants to be heard yet leaving all unsaid.

Unwilling yet willing.

Willing yet unwilling.

Wanting to cry but the tears have been dried up

By burning flames of pains and deadly games.

Fighting hard to gain control

Yet missing to stay in any little glow.

A soft arm and gentle heart reaches out

But is waved of as a hidden dagger.

It seems as though it’s harmless

But nature’s taught one that nothing ever is.

Trying to go close but keeping one’s distance.

Observing through life’s binoculars for hidden agendas.

Though we spot none, we’re still caught in the web of mistrust.